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Ancient Secrets - Tao Healing

Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality

Through the International Healing Tao System

Healing Tao is a self-help system for preventing illness and stress and enhancing all aspects of life by increasing vital energy or Chi, through easy, practical time-tested, ancient techniques accompanied by fluid physical exercises. Learning to flow with the Chi, enables one to channel it to health, vitality, balanced emotions which in turn expresses into spiritual and creative potentials.

Healing Tao is a practical system of self-development that enables the individual to complete the harmonious evolution of the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.

The Healing Toa system is a modern expression of centuries–old Taoist practices. Techniques revealed through Master Mantak Chia which was formerly known only to an elite group of Taoist Masters and hand-picked students. Now, trained by the Master himself, I am fortunate enough to be able to impart the science and art of the Healing Sounds and Inner Smile to those of you who are ready for it.

The system works on three levels:

  • Level 1 – healing energy to strengthen and calm the body
  • Level 2 – changing negative emotions into strong, positive energy
  • Level 3 – creative and spiritual practices.

Taoism's 5000-8000 year old foundation of Chinese philosophy and medicine has been described as “natural law”, “natural order” or the path to the seeker of holism. Mind, body, spirit - the microcosm and the macrocosm are brought together with the five elements in nature: metal, water, wood, fire, earth and connects it to the season of the year, color of nature, integrating into the expression of the organs which unite to form the systems of the human body.

The Inner Smile Practise

The Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation technique that utilizes the expanding energy of Internal Smile to communicate with the internal organs of the body. In Taoism, negative emotions are looked at as low-grade energy and the Inner Smile practise teaches one to convert low-grade energy to high-grade energy. The Inner Smile is the true smile for all parts of the body, the organs, glands, muscles and the nervous system. Taoist Masters recognized the power of smiling energy while practicing the Inner Smile to themselves which moved Chi and produced a high grade energy which enabled health, happiness and longevity.

Smiling to one’s self is like basking in love, and smiling to every organ in your body from the Front, Middle and Back Line enables a loving relationship that connects the whole body to facilitate repair and rejuvenation.

By learning to smile inwardly to the organs and glands, the whole body will feel loved and appreciated and that has the power to warm and heal. The Inner Smile practises help one to counteract stress, and help to direct and increase the flow of positive Chi like a waterfall down the entire length of the body.


The Six Healing Sounds Practise

Thousands of years ago the Taoist Masters discovered in their meditations the six sounds which were the correct frequencies to keep the organs in optimum condition. They discovered that a healthy organ vibrates at a particular frequency. To accompany the Six Healing Sounds, six accompanying postures were developed to activate the acupuncture meridians, or energy channels of the organs.

Six Healing Sounds is a basic relaxation technique utilizing simple arm movement and special sounds to produce a cooling effect on the internal organs. These special sounds vibrate specific organs, while the arm movements, combined with posture, guide excess heat and negative energy out to the body

When negative energy gets stored in the body, it is circulated and trapped in the organs and the membrane covering of the organs which overheats the organs causing disharmony within the body. Practising the healing sounds and posture improves the organ and its associate organs resulting in the fastest way to cool and calm down the organs for improved health and well being with greater vitality as the Chi flow increases through the different organs.

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Tao Healing Sessions

Tao Healing is integrated into my Stress Management seminars. I also make use of it in Naturopathy in order to keep the vital organs healthy in my holistic approach of treatment.

I teach Inner Smile and Healing Sounds at Melbourne City U3A where the courses are well received by the students.