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Stress Management Seminars - Melbourne

There is a killer amongst us, and it is called stress.

Stress Kills!

Stress has become part of everyday living. Some stress can be useful in certain situations but prolonged stress gnaws away your immune response, your spirit and your organs and may in many cases bring on an early death by allowing you to succumb to cancer or heart attack.

Stress management seminars attempt to focus on what triggers stress and how best to deal with it on a long-term basis, to allow you to lead a happier more fulfilled life.

Over many years I have incorporated techniques from the Ancient East to allow your body to fight back and master stress.

Some of Malaysia’s largest corporations, as well as other enterprises, have found that their staff can function better on a daily basis after attending my seminars, which are structured according to your industry and the desired result. Now Australian companies and their employees can also experience the same benefits.

Please look at the PDF of a sample programme outline and contact me to obtain more information.

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How are seminars conducted?

Generally, the best outcome is achieved if seminars are held away from the work place, to allow all participants to disengage.

The sessions are held in pleasant surroundings within easy travelling distance to your business location.

Longer seminar programmes may be conducted over weekends if this is deemed to be more suitable.