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Happiness Now

Happiness is a journey. My one-day seminars will show you and your employees how to be happy now:

  • I teach happiness on the premise that whatever there may be that causes unhappiness in your life, you can choose to be happy and cheerful
  • Happiness is not being pretty, smart, athletic, talented or funny
  • None of the above guarantee happiness
  • How many times have you said to yourself: "I will be happy when..."?
  • Did you ever ask yourself why that day has never come?
  • Happiness is not down to pure luck, a birthright or the will of the Gods!
  • Guaranteed happiness starts with the truth and the truth comes from within you.

If you’re seriously interested in making your employees more productive how to turn their lives into a gem and experience the wonder of authentic happiness.... and no doubt about it, that’s what we all want!.... Then get comfortable with happiness ‘truths’ because that’s exactly where we are going.

Happiness is NOT about your clothes, your shoes, your looks and other people in your life or any thing that is on the OUTSIDE. It’s all about what’s going on in the inside, or more directly, how you think.

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What is the Happiness Project?

The Happiness Project is a remarkable success-story that continues to unfold day by day. The cast of The Happiness Project includes top psychologists, life coaches, business leaders, spiritual ministers, leading physicians, great musicians, actors and poets – all of whom are fired with a passion to serve and inspire.

The Happiness Project became a household name in August 1996 when the BBC broadcasted a 40 minute QED documentary, "How to be Happy". Approximately five million television viewers watched three volunteers, Caroline, Dawn and Keith, embark upon a unique "8 Week Happiness Programme" called Happiness NOW - designed by Dr. Robert Holden. Each volunteer made rapid and profound breakthroughs in their individual lives. The results, as verified by independent QED scientists and psychologists, were truly remarkable.

How to be Happy has since been shown in 16 countries to over 30 million viewers.

Since 1996, The Happiness Project has pioneered one of the most exciting and effective models of learning and development. It uses a unique synthesis of positive psychology and success intelligence principles to create training events that are deeply transformative and rewarding.

Research has shown that your thoughts are very real electro-magnetic, bio-chemical signals that carry messages across the network of your brain cells. Negative thinking results in greater negativity, whereas positive thinking improves health, prospects, creativity and happiness.

Repetitive thoughts are the basis for much of your character and its expression “Your thoughts manifests into words, your words manifests into deeds, your deeds develops into habits, your habits form your character.

Being aware of the power of thought would allow for the learning, unlearning and relearning. This means that we all can regain control of our lives, especially from the false feelings that nothing good ever happens to me or I can never find happiness. You can create your own happiness as you can unhappiness.

Research has also confirmed that your brain is synergetic, meaning that its thinking processes naturally multiply and expand. Tony Buzan says “If you fill your head with good and positive values, these will tend to multiply internally. This internal multiplication will express itself in your actions, and will begin to affect others around you, creating a domino effect in both yourself and others that magnifies the good”.

Mahatma Ghandi said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” To live in a happy world, we must be happy first.

Happy thoughts, kind & selected words, considerate deeds, good habits forms a rock solid character.

I teach happiness on the premise that whatever there may be that causes unhappiness in your life, you can choose to be happy and cheerful. Although, many believe it to be difficult, I can assure you that it is really very simple. To start with, just put on a ‘happy face’, smile, tweak your cheeks, put a pencil between your teeth or just laugh. This stimulates the brain to believe you are happy; it then produces happy chemicals, which make you happy and once it starts, it would just flow.

Dance - Frolicking and dancing are the natural expressions of happy people, child like qualities. It is definitely the natural expressions of the high-spirited positive people. Dance promotes flexibility of the body and mind; it is a wonderful aerobic exercise, and it encourages the expression of joy, happiness and laughter.

Live Each Day – Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, all I can be sure of is the present moment, the present, my gift. George Gissing “I have the pleasure of the passing moment, what more can a mortal ask for”.