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What is a FaceGym® Natural Facelift?

FaceGym® facial exercises are a method of strengthening and toning all 57 muscles of the face and neck, which will increase the number of muscle fibres, giving your face and neck a smoother and younger appearance. The more exercises you do, the more toned your face and neck will look. Hence, younger looks.

People go to the gym and spend hours exercising their body muscles but forget that their face and neck have muscles too, which show the signs of aging first.

FaceGym® Intro Facial Exercises (requires Adobe Flash in your browser)

When being introduced to another person, what do you see first? The face and neck of course! By toning those areas of your body, you will help create that favourable impression, by which most of us are judged when we meet new people for the first time.

My FaceGym® face exercises will produce dramatic results quickly, as the muscles of the face and neck are all small and responsive.

Make the best of your unique features; with just some effort, you can look younger for longer.

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Looking younger with FaceGym®

I organise sessions at your house or office with your family and friends to learn in just two hours, 20 precision face exercises which work directly on the facial muscles:

  • Four for the neck
  • Three for the jowl and throat
  • Three for the mouth
  • Four for the cheeks
  • Four for the eyes
  • Two for the forehead.

Improve and maintain your looks without the need for ongoing expensive Botox injections.